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About Us : Presentation of is our effort in trying to bring to you news and reviews about latest apps that will revolutionize the way you use your smartphone (Android & iOS).

Here are apps that you probably have not heard or used previously but they are amazing in both their functionality and their presentation. There are also apps that have been removed from Google Play Store but the apk files of these apps can be found online and transferred from computer to your smartphones and tablets to be used at your convenience.

Apps are reviewed and can be downloaded by you. do not in any way encourage users to not pay royalties to app developers. The goal is to ensure that app lovers get to use apps both within those available in Google Play Store and those that are not available in Google Play Store. Once our readers find, download and love an app, there is no reason why they would not use it further. has goals to be as the name goes – a place for any and every fan of apps. We try to see the best in what apps can provide and what amazing benefits they can provide to end users. The effort is to bring apps that offer extraordinary quality but have not received widespread coverage. is not limited to any one niche when it comes to applications that we review here. There are reviews of apps that will help you in your business and e-commerce and also reviews of apps that will help you be more social and at the same time stay productive. Of course a lot of apps deal with entertainment and games. We review games that are exciting and thrilling, full of action, amazing game play, well written out characters and story lines.

What you will get here is our best effort to provide you awesome apps that will make your mobile experience a better and more interesting one along with a productive, educative and entertaining one.

Have fun reading the reviews, downloading the apps and trying them out!


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