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APK Game Killer is an android app that can be used to boost the levels of different games without requiring the user to root their phone. An app that has been used by a multitude of users, APK Game Killer has quite the fan base. Yes, you should be playing the games for fun, but if you are looking for some funny tricks to boost your levels, it can be done as easily as downloading and installing the Android Game Killer app. We tried the APK Game Killer on our android device and here is our complete review about it.

Game Killer APK – Downloading and Installing Game Killer on Android

The first and foremost step to using Game Killer apk is to download it. Game Killer is not found in the Google Play Store, so you will need to download the apk file directly from Game Killers website.
Once you download Game Killer apk file, you will need to make sure that you change your phone's settings so that the phone can accept files from ‘Unknown Sources'. It is best to download Game Killer using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data because Game Killer is quite a large file to download since it has excellent data content with regards to thousands of games. After you have downloaded the APK Game Killer, transfer it from your computer to your smart phone and install the app.

Game Killer APK – Using the app

After you have installed the APK Game Killer app all you need to start the app is tap the icon. This will lead to loading of all the games that you have. Next you will be required to the app on the button icon that shows, "Use now Without Root." Now your phone will be showing you a list of the games that are supported and can be used with Game Killer APK. You can either scroll down or choose the game you want to make changes too or just make use of the search feature.

For some games, all you can do is unlock the features that the game presents. For others, you will have instant access to unlimited gold for example. All you need to do at this stage is make the modification according to what you require and once you have made the choices you will have to tap the icon which is at the lower end of the menu. At this point, you are done with the changes made! Congratulations! You can now enjoy your game the way you want to after you have modified it.

Final Word

APK Game Killer is useful for those short cuts and unlimited ‘wealth' and gold coins when you play games that make you want to tear your hair! You can now control annoying games and master them with funny tricks. This is fun especially if done in offline mode. For online games, against multi players, we do not recommend to use it even if you can as it gives an unfair advantage to the user and may get your account suspended.  Game Killer is very simple to use and its interface is very clear. We were really surprised by the facility to use all the features of the app.


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